Bone Broth

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Bone broth you can make from home sounds difficult but it is drop dead simple.

Bone broth you make yourself will be far more nutrient-dense and healthier than what you can get in the store. The way to make your own is really simple. First, you will start with the best bones you can find. Meaning, grass-fed pastured animals raised without antibiotics and growth hormones. The same places that I find my grass-fed beef is where I get my grass-fed bones. For example, I order from US Wellness Meats, Polyface Farms and Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative. These are the three big sources for my grass-fed protein and all three of these also carry bones. I can get beef bones, pork bones, and chicken and if available seafood bones. Any bones will work and any bones are good. I prefer a combination of bones because each animal has a different nutritional profile. Beef might be high in some nutrients, pork in another area, and chicken may add more.


Bone broth is highly nutritious when it’s made properly. Now, it’s the making it properly that scares people because it sounds complicated. Most bone broth recipes will tell you that you cook it for anywhere from 24 to 36 hours, I even know some people that cook it for 48 hours. That sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Even if you use the 36 hour method it’s simple. Take a big pot, throw in some bones, cover them up with water, put them on a very low simmer and let it go for 36 hours. That’s as simple as this could be. You can roast the bones first by putting them on a sheet pan and into the oven at 400 degrees (F) for 30-45 minutes. That creates more flavor and depth and gives you a more roasty taste. 

You can even add some vegetables to add more flavor and nutrients. When I make bone broth I go through all of my produce drawers and find anything that is about to go bad and throw them in. Don’t be afraid to throw in whatever you have hanging around that you may not be using or that may be going bad, you can pull nutrients out of those foods. I don’t use a lot of seasoning because I make a big batch and I may use that for many different things. If I’m sipping bone broth, I season it then. If I’m making a dish, I don’t want the seasoning to clash with the dish. Now that brings up the question, what do you do with bone broth? You can drink it, you can cook with it, it is great for making soups, stews, and any dish that needs some liquid and moisture. You want to get as much of it into your body as you can, whatever way works best for you. 
But wait there's more...So, we've shown you how simple it can be to make homemade bone broth, but simple doesn't always mean easy. You have to get the bones (High-quality grass-fed/finished). You have to roast the bones for the best flavor. You. have to have a large enough pot and 24 hours to babysit. Your finished product is not shelf-stable, it needs to be frozen, and that is almost impossible ion the road.
We always want to help you understand the very best option for our health, but we also understand real life, and we want you to have other options. If you just can't or don't want to make your own bone broth, we scoured the market and found the very best option that is drop-dead simple. A powdered bone broth of the highest quality, easy to carry in the truck, doesn't need any refrigeration, and you just add hot water. You can't beat it with a stick!
LonoLife - To make it even easier for you, we carry bone broth in our online store. It comes in an eight ounce tub or in small sticks, and all you do is add hot water and stir. It is a great way to incorporate bone broth into your diet while you are on the road and space is limited.
I have a confession to make. I started drinking bone broth after learning of the many health benefits. I continue drinking it because it tastes damn good and it very satisfying. So, what are those amazing health benefits you ask? Here are just a few:
  • Supports immune system
  • Aids in digestion
  • Aids in reducing join pain
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Aid in respiratory infection & allergy
There you have it, powerful reasons and no excuses, it's time to get some Bone Broth on the stove!
Ridiculously delicious grass fed bone broth is the way to get your nutrition for life on-the-road/go.

Be SAFE, Be HEALTHY and start making Bone Broth, 


Kevin Rutherford
Kevin Rutherford


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Find all the info you’ve wanted for Trucking & Business. Be one with your Tribe!

Find all the info you’ve wanted for Health & Wellness. Be one with your Tribe!

Find all the info you’ve wanted for Trucking & Business. Be one with your Tribe!

Find all the info you’ve wanted for Health & Wellness. Be one with your Tribe!

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