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Skip the Keto Flu

by Michael Rutherford 0 Comments

Many people when starting a ketogenic diet will experience what we refer to as the “keto flu”.


  • Fatigue
  • Sugar cravings
  • Difficulty focusing 
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Irritability


  1. The inability to properly access fat for fuel
  2. Electrolyte imbalances
  3. Dehydration

Keto flu doesn’t affect everyone one, but when it does, it affects everyone slightly different. Often it lasts for one week, but for some it can last longer.

We have gone for years, often decades running off glucose from carbohydrates as our primary source of energy, and our body is no longer equipped to easily access the abundance of fat we have for energy. 

This kit is specifically designed to help your body handle the process of both digesting AND burning fat for fuel so that you can feel your best!

Depending on if you have a gallbladder or not, you will either choose the Beta Plus or Beta TCP. Beta Plus is very similar to the Beta TCP but has ox bile to help fill in the role your gallbladder plays in digesting fats properly. This is essential to your body using the fat you eat for fuel. If we cannot digest and absorb the fat, how can our body begin to use it for energy?

We added Livotrit to this protocol because nearly all of us could use some liver support, and it’s even more important when we demand a higher workload from our liver in producing the bile to digest all this fat, as well as then taking that fat and converting it to KETONES. Livotrit and Beta TCP/Plus work very synergistically to help our liver and gallbladder function optimally in these early stages of ketosis.

Now the strawberry on top (cherries are too high in sugar!) of this process of burning fat is our MCT oil, or Mind Fuel. MCTs are digested differently than most other fats. Our body does not require bile for these and instead sends them straight to our liver to convert them into KETONES for immediate and powerful energy. Our body cannot even store these as fat tissue, how awesome is that?! By giving this immediate source of ketones to our body, we insure we have some sustainable energy as we drastically lower our carbohydrate (current fuel system) load.

The last, but not least, important factor in avoiding the keto flu is electrolytes and hydration. These two go hand in hand to insure we stay in balance. Lyte Balance is an easy to use and no junk added, electrolyte product that helps our body retain more of the minerals we need.

When we drastically reduce our carb intake, our body will begin to burn through its stored glucose (glycogen) and as it does, it will also rid of a lot of excess water (bloat!) that was bound to that glycogen. With that excess water, was also a lot of electrolytes. It’s crucial that we get plenty of water and minerals so as to not become depleted. With less glycogen being kept in our body, we will also retain less water and thus less minerals.

This is where Lyte Balance saves the day! Keep away headaches, muscle cramps, eye twitches, high blood pressure, restless legs, low energy and many other symptoms associated with mineral imbalance. 

2 Beta TCP (or 2 Beta Plus) with each meal
2 Livotrit with each meal
1 capful of Lyte Balance 2x daily
1 tbsp of Mind Fuel daily 


Want a great way to incorporate Mind Fuel and Lyte Balance? (Recipes this way)



  • Eat a ketogenic diet that is very low in carbs, moderate in protein and high in fat. Need more help in learning about a ketogenic diet? Check out our Keto Jump Start course!
  • Drink plenty of water. You may add things like lemon or lime to add flavor and bonus electrolytes.
  • Incorporate intermittent fasting to increase your bodies drive to stored fat for energy.
  • Eliminate processed foods and artificial sweeteners, even those products that are “low net carb.”
  • Enjoy a daily snack of avocado with lime juice and sea salt for quality fat, fiber, and minerals! This is the ultimate real food hack to a ketogenic diet.
  • Add one cup of bone broth daily with sea salt. This helps support a healthy gut, as well as minerals and hydration. Check out our amazing and easy to use kit!



  • Get in two fast paced 30 minute walks each day when possible. Low intensity movement such as this increases our body’s drive to burn fat for fuel.
  • Aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep. Sleep increases our insulin sensitivity and our ability to burn fat.
  • Manage stress levels through light exercise such as walking and yoga. Also work on meditating, even if just five minutes a day. There are tons of apps that can help you with this! Deep breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth, is also great for reducing our stress response. The more stressed our bodies are, the less we are able to properly burn fat for fuel.  


    Michael Rutherford
    Michael Rutherford


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    Find all the info you’ve wanted for Health & Wellness. Be one with your Tribe!

    Find all the info you’ve wanted for Trucking & Business. Be one with your Tribe!

    Find all the info you’ve wanted for Health & Wellness. Be one with your Tribe!

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