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WHEN IT COMES TO OUR DIGESTION, OUR ABILITY TO PROPERLY BREAK DOWN THE FATS WE CONSUME IS CRUCIAL. Poorly digested fats can wreak havoc in our intestines and feed unwanted bacteria, leading to dysbiosis, leaky gut, and inflammation. This can lead to a whole host of digestive symptoms such as:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea after high fat meals
  • Cramping
  • Foul smelling gas
  • Light colored stools
  • And more!

Poor digestion of fats can lead to a whole host of other issues and symptoms, both minor and severe. When we have trouble digesting fats, we are also going to be lacking in an ability to absorb fat soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K. But that’s not all, many phytonutrients are also fat soluble such as the powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant curcumin. If this goes on for an extended amount of time, we can suffer with deficiency issues. Many of these nutrients are vital to our immune and neurological functions, as well as hormones. The list of symptoms and possible long-term issues is vast.

We can’t forget the lack of proper fatty acid balance that may come along with poor fat digestion as well. We need adequate healthy fats such as EPA, DHA, GLA, linoleic acid, and oleic acids for hundreds of functions in the body. This may range from thyroid function, healthy testosterone and estrogen levels, protection against depression and anxiety, and other neurological issues. Can you tell that digesting fats is essential to optimizing your health and journey?

Most people have issues when it comes to fat digestion due to much of the dietary advice that’s out there such as avoiding fats, or eating only ‘heart healthy vegetable oils’ that are actually incredibly UNHEALTHY. The liver and gallbladder are the two main organs that are responsible for this process. That means, in order to best support our fat digestion, we need to support these organs!


BETA TCP: This is hands down some of the best support out there for the gallbladder. This product is formulated specifically to target the bile and make sure that it isn’t too thick, often a problem for those with sluggish gallbladders. Filled with beet extract, a potent food-based support for bile production, as well as lipase to aid with proper fat digestion and absorption.
DOSAGE: Take 2 per meal
BETA PLUS: This is filled with nutrients like ox bile, beet extract, lipase, and other nutrients targeted to support the production and flow of healthy bile. This is crucial to healthy digestion, especially if you are eating a higher fat diet!
DOSAGE: Take 2 per meal
- If you are experiencing diarrhea while taking, cut back on your dosage
- If you have signs of poor fat digestion such as light or grey colored stools floating stool, increase your dosage
BIO-GGG-B: This is a comprehensive B-complex that not only helps support brain function and energy production, but also supports healthy fat digestion through liver function. Many B vitamins are essential for the functions of the liver, as well as metabolism of fat for energy.

DOSAGE: 2 pills 2x daily

PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE: This nutrient is essential for the proper digestion of fats, and helps to emulsify them, as well as support the proper conversion of cholesterol into bile salts. Some gallbladder conditions and issues with fat digestion simply cannot improve without this crucial nutrient!
DOSAGE: 1 capsule 3x daily

MCS-2: MCS stands for Metabolic Clearing Support. This product is designed to help support the liver with both Phase 1 & Phase 2 detox pathways. As mentioned previously, the liver is an essential organ when it comes to fat digestion because it’s what produces the bile we need! If we have a struggling liver, we can have problems with fat digestion. It’s also important that the detox pathways are supported, because bile is how our liver mainly detoxes!
DOSAGE: 3 pills per day with food

HYDROZYME: Did you know we need healthy stomach acid levels in order for our body to send the proper signals to the liver and gallbladder to release bile? Many people are deficient in stomach acid, and adding a small amount can make all the difference in our digestion!
DOSAGE: 2-4 per meal

Follow this protocol for 60-90 days, and then stop for 30 days. If at any time your symptoms of poor digestion return, return to the protocol for another 60 days. If your symptoms do not return, retake our Nutri-Q assessment and re-evaluate! If your scores are in the low category for Upper GI and Liver/Gallbladder, congratulations! You have addressed the root issues in your digestion.

Things to Remember

  1. FOOD IS FIRST! We must be eating a real, whole food, nutrient-dense diet, before we begin any supplement regiment. If not, we are simply wasting our time, money, and efforts.
  2. When we sit down and eat, we need to be mindful about our food. Not driving, scrolling through Facebook, or watching TV. Take a moment to give gratitude, be thankful, take a deep breath, whatever it is you need to put your body into a centered and relaxed state. This can have profound affects on your digestion!
  3. We need to be chewing our food well! The more the better.


  • Beta TCP - 1 bottle: 2 per meal Or Beta Plus - 1 bottle: 2 per meal
  • Bio-GGG-B - 2 bottles: 2 pills 2x daily
  • Phosphatidylcholine - 1 bottle: 1 capsule 3x daily
  • MCS-2 - 1 bottle: 3 pills per day with food
  • Hydrozyme - 1 bottle: 2-4 per meal



You are following a protocol designed for a specific outcome. Dosage will vary (bottle vs protocol instructions). Please follow protocol instructions for optimal results.

The information and protocols provided by Destination Health, presented here at and as presented in any Podcast or Live events, are not offered as cures, prescriptions, diagnoses or a means of such. No attempt should be made to use any of this information as a form of treatment without the approval and guidance of your primary health advisor. Let’s Truck assumes no responsibility in the correct or incorrect use of this information.

Kevin Rutherford
Kevin Rutherford


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Find all the info you’ve wanted for Trucking & Business. Be one with your Tribe!

Find all the info you’ve wanted for Health & Wellness. Be one with your Tribe!

Find all the info you’ve wanted for Trucking & Business. Be one with your Tribe!

Find all the info you’ve wanted for Health & Wellness. Be one with your Tribe!

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